First CBB – Black and white boutique opened in 1997. as a starting point for cooperation between the Agency and Partizan FK Partizan, and creation of a shop that deals with retail and wholesale products with Partizan emblem.
The name itself CBB – Black and white boutique in time became synonymous with Partizan’s stores. Compared to the regular store, we want to create much more – a place of complete supply of goods with Partizan emblem, no matter if it comes to football, basketball, waterpolo… Accordingly, the 13-year trust, CBB has joined a new development phase – expanding its sales network throughout Serbia.
Black and white shops across Serbia are the concept sale, which guarantees:
wide range of products with the emblem of Partizan
all necessary information and solutions, and to better align their needs and requirements
CBB’s imperative, as the quality of the retail offer, and the quality of communication with customers. On our site www.crnobelibutik.rs, from 15 May, 2010. you can buy items directly in the online store.
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Kontakt telefon – 011 369 333 6 ili 066 279 289

Partizan CBS doo
Adresa: Humska 1, 1100 Beograd
Delatnost: Trgovina na malo odećom u specijalizovanim prodavnicama: 4771
MB: 21074853
PIB: 108824957
Kontakt: 011 369 333 6 ili 066 279 289
Internet prodaja: 066 279 289