The time required for delivery of the shipment is 2-3 days for the territory of Belgrade. For the territory of Serbia up to 3-7 days from the moment of ordering. Orders are sent by express courier service (CityExspress and DHL). The delivery service will be charged to you by cash on delivery.

Important Notice
Sometimes it happens that the local post office keeps the package longer, mainly due to additional security checks that slow down the delivery of the package. Also, you should count on a longer delivery time before and around the holidays, when the post office needs to deliver packages much longer.


For the territory of Belgrade and the whole of Serbia, the delivery price is 315.00 RSD (VAT included in the price) per shipment, regardless of weight, and is done through the courier service City Express.


For the territory of Belgrade and the whole of Serbia, the delivery price is: RSD 315.00 (VAT included in the price) per shipment, for shipments delivered by DHL Serbia (up to 10 kg package weight).



The deadline for delivery of a PostPak shipment is 5-7 (five to seven) working days from the day the shipment is released into the postal network after the customs procedure in a certain country. It is considered that the deadline for delivery has been met if an attempt was made to deliver to the address of the recipient within the specified deadline.

The deadlines for delivery do not include days when the post office does not work or when it does not deliver, ie delivery of items, days of public and other holidays celebrated in a particular country, as well as delays due to incomplete and incorrect address of the recipient, due to force majeure or delay in traffic caused without the fault of the postal administration of a particular country.

Delivery of PostPak shipments on the territory of Montenegro is performed by “Post of Montenegro” a.d. Podgorica

Delivery of PostPak items on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is performed by the following postal operators:

“Poste Srpske” a.d. Banja Luka, “LP BH Pošta” d.o.o. Sarajevo and “Hrvatska Pošta” d.o.o. Mostar.

Undelivered PostPak shipments are stored in the post office for 15 (fifteen) working days from the day of leaving the Report and the arrival of the shipment.

PostPak shipments are delivered to the recipient with the signature and collection of the redemption amount in favor of the shippers





do 1000 980,00
od 1001 do 5000 1.380,00
od 5001 do 10000 1.730,00


DHL delivery

Please check whether there are additional customs costs or other costs in the country to which we deliver the ordered goods. For all additional costs in the form of customs, tax or some other additional costs collected in the country of the customer, PARTIZAN CBS D.O.O. will not bear the costs and be responsible.

Delivery time for packages for European countries is 2-5 working days (not delivered on weekends).

Delivery time for packages for the countries of the American continent is 5-7 working days (not delivered on weekends).

Please note that we have no influence on customs clearance costs.

The price of sending per shipment is 21.0 EUR, weight up to 4 kg.

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